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A Man Called Comfort - A Preacher of Righteousness

July 16, 2017 Series: Preaching Christ from Genesis

Topic: Christianity Explored Passage: Genesis 6:1–7:24

This week we will begin to tackle the Flood chapters - Gen. 6-9.  We'll take chapters 6-7 this week and save 8-9 for when I return from the mission trip to Bolivia. Josh and I leave on 23rd July and will be gone two Sundays. Doug Skoldberg and Norm Dietsch will preach those Sundays at EBC. 
Josh and I will rely heavily on your prayers as we teach through the entire book of 2 Corinthians in a 30 hour class to 60 Bolivian men in training for the pastoral ministry. 
Title: "A Man Called Comfort- A Preacher of Righteousness"
Text: Genesis 6-7
Scripture: Genesis 6:1-22
Theme:  If you think our times are bad and evil, well, its not the first time earth has been saturated with sin! The FLOOD was caused by the exponential increase of wickedness on earth - to the breaking point
God would stand for it no longer! We can view the FLOOD as a sort of reversal of creation!!  It was so horrible that it 'broke God's heart' so to speak!  Would the seed of the woman be lost???????????
One man stands in the gap!  The man whose name means Comfort! Noah - the "Preacher of Righteousness" as he's call in 2 Peter 2.5.  Wow! Genesis is high drama! 
Come this week and let's enjoy the inspired Book of Genesis!  

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