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For I am not ashamed of the Gospel!

Sunday Services


Sunday School for all ages


Emmanuel Bible Church

3 Pleasant Grove Road

Schooley's Mountain, NJ 07870

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Core Values


1. The Glory of God ought to be the prime motivation for everything we do as a church.
Therefore: We ought to purify our motives for all we do.

2. The word of God is the standard of truth and practice for every Christian in the body of Christ.
Therefore: We ought to submit to it in every area of our lives. The bible ought to be taught in an accurate, practical way and application should be pressed home upon our hearts.

3. The Person and Work of Jesus Christ is the focus of our preaching and teaching about salvation and service to God.
Therefore: We ought to stay cross-centered in all our thinking and acting.

4. Intimacy with God which comes in relationship with Christ should be our constant and growing passion.
Therefore: We ought to cultivate our knowledge of God through faith and the various spiritual disciplines.

5. The doctrines of Grace are the precious truths that generate humility, joy, gratitude and awe in our fellowship and community.
Therefore: We ought to encourage one another with the truths of sovereign grace.

6. A commitment to prayer is the basis of the life and fruitfulness of all our church ministries.
Therefore: We ought to be in groups committed to prayer.

7. Corporate worship and participation in the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's Table are critical for the spiritual health of the believer and the body of Christ.
Therefore: We ought to regularly be in corporate worship and at the table.

8. A genuine mutual care among our members should be worked out in practical service to one another.
Therefore: We ought to find ways of serving one another. This will create a loving, authentic, healthy church community that will attract others.

9. Every member should discover, develop and use his spiritual gift(s) for the common good and edification of the other believers in our church.
Therefore: We ought to find ways of using our gifts and avoid merely attending one service a week.

10. We should be committed to a global perspective of expanding Christ's kingdom in our community and world through evangelism and missions of all kinds.
Therefore: We ought to love, serve, be hospitable, and fearlessly witness to our neighbors and families to win them to Christ. We should also be committed to getting the gospel to the ends of the earth through various means.

11. Godly marriages and families are critical for the health of the church and the training of the next generation for Christ.
Therefore: We ought to wisely promote the health of the husband-wife relationship and family-life in every way possible.

12. Servant-leadership should characterize any and all leaders at every level of ministry in the church. Leadership is not for self-exaltation but for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry.

Therefore: We ought to guard against any 'lording over' in our leadership positions over people, but rather find ways of encouraging them and making their ministries successful in Christ.